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This wiki is an OPEN-ish Open Source Project

This is an informational resource on the Web3 Foundation and the Web3 Technical Stack.

Pull requests or other contributions from the community are encouraged! However, the final decision to add content will be made by the Web3 Foundation.


There are a few basic ground-rules for contributors:

  1. No --force pushes or modifying the Git history in any way.
  2. Pull requests are preferred to issues, especially for small changes such as typos. Issues should be used for generic or broad-based changes or missing content.
  3. Non-master branches ought to be used for ongoing work.
  4. Significant modifications ought to be subject to an pull request to solicit feedback from other contributors.
  5. Pull requests to solicit feedback are encouraged for any other non-trivial contribution but left to the discretion of the contributor.
  6. Contributors should attempt to adhere to the prevailing Markdown style, language, and layout.
  7. Correct grammar should be used at all times. Pull requests with typos will not be merged until fixed.
  8. Care should be taken to remain as objective and informative as possible. There should be no editorializing, and external bias should not be present.

Changes to this arrangement

This document may also be subject to pull requests or changes by contributors where you believe you have something valuable to add or change.


This document was based on the Level contribution guidelines located here: