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  • Polkadot - A simple, robust heterogenous multi-chain system to allow different blockchains to communicate, share security, and provide the foundation to build the decentralized web.
  • Substrate - Generate your own blockchains that are by default compatible with the Polkadot Runtime Environment.
  • PolkaDAO - Fund your Polkadot project with DAI.
  • PolkaScan - Multi-chain block explorer for the Web3 stack.
  • - Polkadot Multi-Chain Explorer.


  • Web3 Summit - Annual conference on the Web3 ecosystem.
  • Web3 Research - Research done by the Web3 foundation for creating the decentralized web.


  • Website - The Web3 Foundation web site.
  • Twitter - Updates on the Web3 Foundation and their work.
  • Reddit - Share and read articles regarding the Web3 Foundation.
  • Forum - Forum for discussing issues related to the Web3 Foundation.
  • Medium - Articles posted by the Web3 Foundation.

For more information on the Polkadot community specifically, see the Polkadot page.